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Since ancient times, the human beings utilized the plants, specifically the aromatic ones to  extract the essential oils or scented essences, for  their health, beauty and spirituality.
According to the testimony in India in  Ayurvedic medicine , in Egypt  for the mummification and the body care, in China for the traditional medicine and for fumigations, in ancient Greece  for religious ceremonies , in the Roman civilization for strengthening and instill  a new life into soldiers, in pre-Columbian civilizations.
In all cultures can be found  balsamic and aromatic  ointments   for kings, emperors and nation sovereign people.



Citrus_bergamiaThe essential oils could be compared to a tree. Deeper are the roots, longer are the branches going to the sky. As a matter of fact, the essential oils are, among the natural  substances, are the ones  which deeper penetrate the skin or the  tegumentary  body  apparatus. They can go through  the skin layers and  reach  the derma papillae where are the blood capillaries  and after that,  enter in the haematic  flow, operating both in the cutaneous  zone where applied  and in systemic  way.

In addition to  that , the essential oils, are substances of very high volatility which directly react on olfactory organs and therefore on the brain and more precisely on the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunize  system.

From these preliminary remarks, it is possible to state that essential oils are NATURAL OLISTIC SUBSTANCES which can act,   in effective way,  on the three spheres of the human beings:  body, mind and spirit.
This also considering the fact that to all of us is very well  known,  that beauty and aesthetic look, are very strictly bound to the above human spheres.

The beauty culture of this century  is a science in a continuous evolution which shall be in position to offer active principles  of  real technical and scientific values  not only able to assist us in  reaching  the body healthiness and beauty but also to assist the spirit and the mind in this research.
For the most part of   unaesthetic  situations/problems  of our body, we have researched, formulated, tested and manufactured,  aimed  essential oil mixtures and other products based on the above, with specific actions (detoxing, draining, toning, antiseptic, anti age, reactivating, calming, soothing, lifting, oxygenating, nourishing, elasticizing, etc.,) typical of these substances.

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